Let's talk real business + some hard lessons I learned.

Today, I thought I would write a few key lessons I’ve learned in business, not just design.
I want to not only share this with you but to also remind myself of these lessons years from now.

Lesson N°1

One of my favourite people in the world, Nat Tucker from Make It Look Easy, whom I’ve probably mentioned a few hundred times around here because she is just that amazing, has hired me to run Facebook Ads for her.

I don’t run a Facebook Ads agency, just to be clear, but I’ve always been fascinated with advertising, marketing and persuasion.

And because I could never say no to Nat, and to an opportunity to work with one of the most admirable entrepreneurs and human beings I’ve ever met? I said HELL YEAH.
Mind you, I’ve only ever ran ads for myself before. And an accountant friend.
On my first go, I spent $20. Crickets. My friend got leads but didn’t get sales. I decided: Facebook Ads don’t friggin’ work.

Desperate, I hired a marketing coach with all the money I earned from my last design project.

Surprise, surprise. He went on to teach me Facebook Ads.

The first week I ran ads again, I landed my very first design client via Facebook Ads.
She bought my $5999 design package. I spent $70.

The ad campaign also also helped connect me to you.

Talk about money well spent, plus time saved figuring out SEO, etc.

At that moment, my life changed. (So did my coach’s, who made a million dollars NET in 5 months with that one Facebook Ads course).

Now that you have the back story, here is where it gets juicy:

I ran ads for my accountant friend and they converted at roughly 20%.

I’ve used ads to build my list and I get 45-50% conversion rates on my landing pages.

(Conversion rates meaning 1 out of 2 people who clicked on my ad trusted me with their email address in exchange for a PDF that I thought would help them — you might have been one of them!)

When I got to that point I thought that was good.

But running ads for Nat? 65-70% conversion, baby.

I don’t think even the best marketing gurus out there convert as much.

Not only that, because she offered her amazing ebook after they signed up, NAT MADE MORE PROFIT THAN SHE SPENT RUNNING THE ADS.

Here’s a screenshot from a recent campaign we ran at 5X ROI:

This is on my third attempt, refined after the first few attempts. Even with the split-testing, course-corrections and apparent Facebook glitches this weekend?

We still made a profit. On autopilot.

While at the same time, reaching more women whose lives Nat would later change with her growing personal style empire.

This is the epitome of a successful online business.

The lesson?

This is what’s possible when you have a great product, listen closely to what your customers want, and implement the right marketing strategy.

(The ad strategy, I’m going to teach you very soon! The good, the bad, the ugly, and the mistakes I made that you can avoid!)
Which brings us to:

Lesson N°2

Be there for your clients and customers, and never, ever forget who helped you get there.

When you’re starting out in business without a mentor, it can sometimes feel like somebody pushed you in the water without first teaching you the basics of swimming.

You thrash around, freeze in indecision as you mull things over, and maybe by sheer luck or instinct, you find a way to doggy paddle enough to survive.

The hard truth? You can hire all the coaches and buy all the courses you need (some will work, some won't), but in the end, you will need to let go of the buoy and swim.

To try different strokes and see which one works for you.

Don’t rely on anyone sticking around to throw you a life jacket.

(Though sometimes you’d get lucky and be surprised to find that someone’s actually got your back. These people, you keep in your life, for life.)

While this “you’re on your own” mentality is a fact of life, this does NOT in any way mean that we can’t do it differently.

When you learn to swim, even do marathons later, and you’re able to start teaching others ? (usually the ones who cheered you on from the sidelines, as they prepare to get in themselves)
Be there for them, always.

Just because you had to learn on your own doesn’t mean you have to leave others to do the same.

The world would be a much better place if we all made real connections.

And this is what Nat does beautifully. And this is coming back 3x more than the average successful business.

This is the excellence we should be aiming for. There's no settling for the “average”.

Lesson N°3

To be successful online, you have to have a set of skills.

(My marketing coach Dan Henry just mentioned this today as well, and he is totally right.)

Unless you have the budget to hire the best and most reputable companies?

You have to do it yourself.

There’s just no other way around it.

I learned design out of necessity, and luckily, I found that I had a knack and love for it.

I learned Facebook Ads and marketing because you need to be in the trenches to see what works and what doesn’t.

I had to learn how to sell, and not in the sleazy way.

Selling is actually the easiest thing.

Once you have a great product, because you listened to your customers?
It will sell itself.

For the longest time, I avoided writing copy and believed I sucked at it.

Until I relented and thought heck, I should at least learn the basics.

And now, Nat hired me for that too.

I help write copy for her Facebook Ads and her landing pages.

I would spot the gems in her beautiful Facebook Page posts & emails, and put those in her ebooks. I just add some more structure and finishing touches.

As I write this, I’m getting teary-eyed because I am just so overjoyed that it is all making sense now. And I still cannot believe it works.

(I'm sure Nat could probably do better with a pro marketer/copywriter, but to see that my words and strategy are not failing and actually converting well? For someone else? That feels pretty darned good.)

And I can’t wait to share everything I know with you.

I'd love to share my expertise in design + tech, with a touch of copywriting & advertising, so that together we can change the world.

It sounds like an absolute cliche, but I don’t care, because we all know this is what we are meant to do in this world.

To change the world in your own unique way that only you, and nobody else, can.

We all have unique gifts and with the right roadmaps and strategies, I can help you bring it out for all the world to see.

So when you’re ready, come join me on The Brand Tour.

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Before I send this to the ad gods, who seem to be smiling down at me right this moment. ;)

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